Our ever growing our range of sustainable palm and palm-free solutions

Our ever growing our range of sustainable palm and palm-free solutions

Since our last article about sustainable palm and palm-free solutions, our sourcing team have been hard at work expanding our offering to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to our customers and formulators. Today we are revisiting this topic and showcasing just a few of our new products within these ranges.


Primesurf SCS90-N PF (Sodium coco-sulfate) – a free flowing needle derived from 100% coconut oil which is an excellent replacement for most anionic surfactants in cleansing products. It exhibits great thickening properties and generates a dense, creamy foam that are perfect for use in shampoos, body cleansers and bath gels. It also has a Natural Origin Index of 1.00 in accordance with ISO:16128. More info here.

Primesurf SCM2-PF (Sodium cocoamphoacetate) – a liquid mild surfactant derived from coconut, it is excellent foaming agent, found in many shampoos, cleansers and bubble baths. It can also be used within household products such as washing-up liquids and hard surface cleaners. More info here.

Planta Olive Cream (Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate (and) Glyceryl Stearate) – a palm-free emulsifier base for O/W emulsions, with the final emulsion being highly customisable, i.e. consistency factors, co-emulsifier, emollient, fragrance, preservative. It is an eco-certifiable product and can be used in all types of cosmetic emulsions. More info here.


Primesurf APG (Alkyl polyglucoside) Range – since the last article our APG range is now all available as RSPO MB as well as palm-free, this includes;

  • Primesurf APG 10 (Decyl glucoside)
  • Priemsurf APG 12 (Lauryl glucoside)
  • Primesurf APG 816 & 818 (Coco glucoside)
  • Primesurf APG-H & APG-HN (C8-C10 caprylyl/capryl glycoside)
  • Primesurf APG-HR (Caprylyl/decyl glucoside)

Full APG range info here.

Primesurf 68 (Ceteareth) Range – full range of ethoxylated C16-C18 products, emulsifiers to help with the texture and stability of cosmetic products. Range info here.

Esters Range including; 2EHP, IPL, IPM, IPP, MCT. Range info here.

To view our full sustainable palm and palm-free range, please visit the links below;

RSPO MB – sustainable palm range

Palm-free range

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